The Villa Abbas co-operative


The Villa Abbas co-operative

The “Villa Abbas Soc. Coop”, which is formed 16th June 1986, works in cultural and tourist sector with the main object to protect and improve the archaeological, artistic and tourist common inheritance of the Territory and their management.
The partners of Coop. Villa Abbas have acquired the right professionalism and experience in order to study and know the territori and its many archaelogical places (museums’ operator, territorial operators, tourist guide, tourist guides and restoration of antique pottery).
Since 22th Maj 1992 Villa Abbas hab been busying itself in seting the Municipal Museum of Archaeology. The Museum was opened 16th April 1997.
The Municipal Museum of Archaeology is known as one of the most interesting museum of Sardinia bocause of its rich archaeological collection, which counts pre-nuragic and medieval remains. It is also well known for having a special tactile way for blind people.
Throughout the last years the Archaeological Museum Organized differentexhibition in cooperation with Local Authorities and the other italian museums like the Egyptian Museum in Turin.
It also provided the schools with proper didactic supports for expanding the knowledge of history of Sardinia.
The Coop. Villa Abbas also manages the ancient Nuragic-Place of Sant’Anastasia and the Pit-Temple, which was consecrated to the atavistic cult of the Water.
The Co-operative organizes the visiting Tours in the ancient historical places of Sardara, one of the most antiques town of Sardinia, which numbers in its territory many artistic churches and the famous “Case Campidanesi” with their beautiful characteristic doorway and their bearing walls made of “ladiri” – the traditional cement of Sardinia made from strow and clay.
Villa Abbas has opened a workroom for manufacturing clay goods and pottery, which draws their inspiration from the different historical period.


Addresses and Phone Numbers

Via Salvemini 12 09030 Sardara (Ca)

tel. Co-operative +39 070 9387304
tel./fax Museum +39 070 9386183

English translation by Matteo Tuveri

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